Catching up

I found out today that I know the (proud) mom of a Higgs Boson hunter. My friend Stephanie Berget had mentioned her son works at CERN before, but this morning she mentioned he works on the Higgs Boson team at the LHC (Large Hadron Collider, for those of you who aren’t physics geeks — this was the supercollider that was going to create a black hole and destroy the planet when they first turned it on a few years ago).

He says, according to his mom, that they’ve all but nailed the elusive little god particle (so nicknamed because it’s responsible for mass, according to some theories), but it will take them quite a while to work through all the data they collected this year. Very exciting stuff. Physics geek Muppet flail!

And a couple of weeks ago, I found out I had touched someone who had touched Charlton Heston. Candis Terry, another writing friend who once-upon-a-time worked in LA, shook hands with him while working a Hollywood fundraiser. She’s touched me with that hand, too (grin). And she writes great, fun books about Deer Lick, Montana, and its quirky citizenry. You should buy them.

Only four degrees of separation between a CERN researcher and Charlton Heston, and one of them is me. Squee! Freaky weird, isn’t it? Okay, I’m done now.

In less silly news, I now have a new roof on my house after a week of banging, drilling, sawing, and the bizarre sound of people walking over my head. The cats have finally calmed down — apparently they don’t like people walking over their heads, either.

And finally, Spooky Man has requested that I quit the second job. I did a face-plant in the driveway on Sunday afternoon, because my right ankle folded under for no particular reason as I was going back to the car for a second load of groceries. He seemed to think it had to do with fatigue from working too much. So I’ll have to give notice, again.

But it will give me more time to write, so it’s not all bad.

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