Fourth-generation Idaho native Val Roberts became a professional writer at the age of 12 when she won “The Idaho Statesman” Father’s Day essay-writing contest that included publication and a check for $25.

She was the editor of the Boise State University student newspaper “The University News” in 1988-89. She has published freelance newspaper and magazine articles, poetry, and computer manuals, including the HP Color LaserJet 4550 Service and Repair Manual (her biggest seller to date).

After five years as a bench chemist at the state environmental laboratory, she became a technical writer who does some light electrical engineering and occasionally herds computer programmers.

A past president of the Coeur du Bois Chapter of the Romance Writers of America, Val was the founding president of the Popular Fiction Association of Idaho, which produced the Murder in the Grove mystery conference, as well as the organizer of the Boise Speculative Fiction writers support group.

Her manuscript “The Amazon Prince” won its category of the RWA’s Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal On the Far Side contest in 2006, before it became her debut novel, Blade’s Edge.

Val lives in Idaho with her husband and their furry children (an assortment of dogs and cats) and occasionally teaches workshops on writing and science. She still has plans to finish that master’s degree in materials science engineering…someday. Or maybe just become a mad scientist without it.

You can contact Val at valmroberts(at)gmail(dot)com; find her on facebook as Val Roberts, author; or follow her on Twitter as @valmroberts.

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  1. A_V on

    Recently read “Blade’s Edge” myself – Very enjoyable overall (though the ending with the Trade Federation president seemed semi-rushed)…

    How the book is categorized though might be hurting it somewhat – most search engines seemed to bring it up with Harlequin novels.

    • ladybriony on

      Oddly enough, a couple of scenes about Sharif didn’t make it into the final book, even after the editor had me write them. I’ll have to post them as extras. I’m glad you enjoyed the book!

  2. AngelaJames on

    Hey Val, I was thinking about your book the other day and was looking to see if you’d published a sequel. You haven’t!? Are you still writing?

    • ladybriony on

      Hi Angie! I’m still writing, although Real Life has popped up a couple of times and thrown a wrench into getting my sequel finished. Skin cancer, then breast almost-cancer. I’m hoping to have a full-length manuscript ready to submit by the end of the year.

      Thanks for stopping by, since I know you have to be swamped now that Carina’s first print titles have been scheduled (and congratulations on having them move into print so quickly!).

  3. Lisa Englert on

    Dear Val I am looking forward to reading your book and I am so happy to hear about your many accomplishments….you are so brilliant old friend.

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