Received a Rejection, But…

“Open Mike at Cafe Bebop” is not right for Carina Press. 🙂

However, the rejection contained a note from the evaluating editor that told me exactly what needs to be changed/fixed to sell it to someone else. They gave me this for free when, really, the information is priceless.

I feel like I should send someone a thank-you gift, but I have no name and no address. Thank you, Ms./Mr. Editor. You are worth your weight in gold *and* printer ink (one of the most expensive liquids on the planet).

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  1. Novel Girl on

    Well, how do you feel about a congratulations? Editing advice can be crazily expensive. So in a way, you came out a winner.

    When I find editing advice on blogs and from writer friends, I sometimes feel so guilty that I’ve received amazing critiquing for free!

    Just keep pushing out your novel when you feel that you’ve addressed the issues Carina press picked up. Don’t give up!

  2. cyelkoth5637 on

    That’s great that you got feedback! I’d gone two years and the closest to a real response was “It didn’t grab me enough.” But not how to make it “grabbier”. Apparently though somehow I did because my first novel did get picked up by an agent this year. Super good luck with the changes! And hopefully the next round of “Will you like it or won’t you” will go in your favor!

  3. Amberly on

    Keep up the positive, you’ll find the perfect home for your work with an editor that loves it.

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