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Is it April yet?

Week two of a job and a half…the twelve hour days are starting to get to me. I think.

However, the emergency project at my old job is complete, so I might have time and brain enough to write again…soon. I think.

Actually, I think I need to go to bed. More later.

Best Cat Food Commercial Ever

Have you seen the new Fancy Feast commercial?

The one with the gorgeous persian kitten (not a no-nose persian, mind you, but a short-nose persian). Fluffy, white, and adorable, purchased by a man to impress a woman.

The kitten that could be a clone of the woman’s beloved childhood cat (seen in the first 5-10 seconds of the commercial).

The kitten wearing the collar with the gigantic heart-shaped tag (well, gigantic for a two-month old kitten) engraved, “Will You Marry Us?”

Yes, it was cheesy and played on cliche and stereotypes. Yes, it was emotionally manipulative. Yes, it made me bawl — not sniffle, not cry, but soak-two-tissues bawl.

In 30 seconds. With no dialog. That’s storytelling.

Best. Cat food commercial. Ever.

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