Friends with Good Books

One of the things I like about living in Boise is that the genre writing community is fairly small, so you end up knowing other writers — some published, some not yet.

Here are some of the local people I know (or at least have met more than once) who have written, in my opinion, pretty good books. If I’ve left out anyone, it’s because I’m a ditz and I’ve forgotten them, but definitely not because I think their work is sub-par.

Rebecca Clark – contemporary romance
Rachel Gibson – contemporary romance
Laura Lee Guhrke – historical romance
Jan Hambright – romantic suspense
Robin Lee Hatcher – inspirational women’s fiction
Stef Ann Holm – historical romance
Kathy Hurley – fantasy and science fiction
Kelly Jones – historical art-centered mystery
Jennie Lucas – contemporary romance
Ken McConnell – space opera and computer-centered mystery
Joanne Pence – food-centered mystery
Amberly Smith – gay romance
Charlene Teglia – hot paranormal romance, she moved away a little while ago, but she still counts
Candis Terry – contemporary romance

Check them out.

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