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For Anyone Who Cares…
1. My friend Charli Teglia finally had her baby July 5; Zoe and mom are doing fine. I stopped biting my nails as soon as I saw the first photo — Charli had been on bed rest for several weeks. Zoe is adorable, of course.

2. Last night I put together the first of three six-foot-tall mahogany bookshelves. They are sturdy, and heavy (about 100 pounds each), and the first non-cheap-and-crappy book-holding devices I have ever owned. They also have leashes to anchor them to walls, which I love, since I can just see Stuart (the 18-pound cat) trying to pull one over on himself. I am sore today, but happy with my purchase. Did I mention I got them on sale for 20% off the regular price? Yes, I did (tiny squee goes here).

3. This morning a left-turning bicyclist almost hit me as I was preparing to turn right into the cul-de-sac street where my job’s office building is located. To understand why this is alarming, you need to know that, in Idaho, bicycles are vehicles; the not-entirely-bright cyclist was making a left turn from the left side of the left lane — riding against traffic, which is illegal.

If you live in Idaho and ride a bicycle on the streets, please remember that you’re driving a vehicle. Behave as if you’re a pedestrian and get nailed? Too bad, since you were the one breaking the law. I really, really don’t want this to happen to anyone (even that idiot from this morning, LOL).

4. On the writing front, Sasha from “Getting Lucky” is vexing me. What is it about men — even fictional men — that they don’t communicate, with themselves or anyone else? (Spooky Man isn’t bad about it, but he’s been through VA therapy.) I should have had the first draft of this novella written by now, but no, the main character has to be a pain in the, ah, neck. Maybe I’ll argue with him while assembling bookshelf #2 tonight.

5. The lovely programming folks from Emerald City Writers Conference asked me to have “Plotting the Character-Driven Novel” prepped as a reserve workshop in case of cancellation. Since they’ve already had a keynote speaker cancel due to unforeseen circumstances (Alyssa Day! She’s fabulous and I won’t get to see her!), I’m taking this seriously.

Partners in Crime, the Boise chapter of Sisters in Crime, asked me to give the workshop “This is Your Brain on Love” at their October meeting–which is the same workshop I’ll be giving at Emerald City. They said I could warm up on them, which I thought was very nice of them.

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  1. Charlene Teglia on

    You’re busy! Woot for workshops and secure bookcases. And like you, I finally stopped biting my nails as soon as I saw Zoe. : ) She’s a thriving little bean, and I’m limp with relief over all the things that didn’t go wrong.

  2. Ken McConnell on

    My wife almost hit a bicyclist turning left on Federal Way last year. Not cool. Three cheers for warm ups! I’m jealous of your book cases. All my books are on cheap wooden shelves in my garage. I’m only allowed to bring a few inside at a time. 😉

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