Veterans Day Plus One

I come from a family that believes in public service. My mother was a Korean veteran, my father would have been except he was in the Army National Guard at 17 and suffered hearing damage that made him exempt from the draft. My husband is a disabled Vietnam vet.

My brothers work for state agencies, one of them protecting the state computer network backbone and the other keeping records of the state roadway system in order. I personally spent five years in the state environmental lab, up to my elbows in hazardous waste at least three times a week to protect the air and drinking water of my fellow citizens.

So I’m just a little irritated that the local VA medical center decided today was the perfect day for my husband to have a colonoscopy–meaning he was on a clear liquid diet and he had to do the prep stuff ON Veterans Day. Bad VAMC–no cookie!

Well, my darling is getting whatever he wants for dinner tonight and pampered within an inch of his life as soon as we get home from the procedure. My own personal veteran might be a spooky guy who disappears in plain sight (including from computers, a story for another day), but he is mine and I love him. Thanks for everything, honey.

And all you other veterans, too.

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