Learning How to Excerpt

One of the things I’m supposed to do to publicize new releases is post excerpts from the book to the publisher’s yahoo group, called the Samhain Cafe.

I haven’t been able to find any guidelines on how long an excerpt should be (which probably means the answer is the ever-unhelpful, “As long as it needs to be”).

So my first excerpt attempt is here (see the link to Legend of the Bastard King at the top of the page), from another book in the same universe that takes place probably five hundred years before Blade’s Edge. Let me know what you think.

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  1. dawn43704 on

    I really liked the excerpt, it immediately sets up (1)3 main characters; (2)1 with a mission; (3)Three different tensions between 3 pairs of the main characters

    I think it is a great excerpt. I really want to read the book, ummm today (I really liked Blade’s Edge). When is this new one coming out?



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