One Step Closer

Today I received my final line edits, aka copy edits. They were minimal, which was a relief–20+ years of copy editing experience wasn’t a total waste of time, apparently. I fired off the response to my editor in about an hour.

And the copy editor still liked the manuscript, even after going through it with a fine-tooth comb. Also a relief. I mean, I’ve always liked these characters, but I know I’m biased. The editor and the copy editor are neutral third parties who read a lot.

Now comes the difficult part…marketing, both me and the book. I hate marketing, because it seems like I’m supposed to start yelling to the world, “Come and see how fabulous I am!” Shudder.

I’m not that fabulous, really. I hope I’m interesting, and I hope I can tell a good story that a lot of people will like. Well, four people like it so far.

That’s one step closer to publication.

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