In Other News…

I have received the rights back to The Valmont Contingency, which means that I am no longer a Harlequin author. Well, right now.

It will be published in a second edition (the first Wylde Hare Press edition!) in the next month or two—gotta save up for a magnificent new cover and re-edit.

Next up will be The Beta Test, the third book in the Dozen Worlds series. I’m about halfway through the first draft, so that’s going to take a bit of time to be ready for real readers.

Happy dancing over here. February is going to be an excellent month.

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  1. Lieselotte on

    Wonderful news, dear Val! very much looking forward to this!
    I wish you the best!

    I am very curious to know whether your re-edits will be substantial – I have read the Valmont Contingency twice already, and will be interested whether this will be the same book, mostly.

    Very much looking forward to the Beta Test – will you share who it will be about?

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