Recent Submission Calls

Avon Impulse just sent out a call for novella submissions: Write For Avon Impulse.

Entangled Publishing editor @KL_Grady tweeted yesterday, “You know what I’m dying for right now? Novellas (10k-40k) that are NOT contemp. Paranormal, sci fi, historical, etc. BRING IT!”

Silver Publishing is a relatively new digital-first company (they started at the end of 2009 as a service provider for self-publishers, then reorganized to become a publisher six months later) which has just announced a handful of submission calls: Silver Publishing Special Submissions.

I know I’ve seen some more floating around recently, too. There must be something in the air now that the U.S. weather’s warmed up (well, everywhere but New England). Perhaps pollen causes special submission calls….

In other news, Ubuntu released a new version and Firefox forced me to upgrade to rev 12.0 this week. I’ve written my first user manual for a tablet-browser user interface. Spring is definitely in the air.

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