‘Twas a week before the feast of St. Valentine

Love is in the stores, but things are low-key at my house. Finally.

Spooky man has successfully had a birthday, his nose’s inner workings are healing nicely, the Year of the Dragon has begun, chocolate-covered macadamia nuts have been ordered. This is how we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day 2012–good coffee, dark chocolate, and maybe some flowers because they’re pretty. Ahhhh.

One nice thing about loving the same person for 20 years is that you don’t have to make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day.

Spooky Man knows I love him because I made sure he had a new leather recliner, a full refrigerator and fresh books before his nose was remodeled. I know he loves me because he spent his VA-disability backpay on home improvements to keep us and the furbabies safe and dry. It’s all good.

Now that Things Have Settled Down, maybe I can get back to some serious word count on my works in progress.

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