In other news: furniture

Today, I bought good living room furniture. It was time. Besides, I had to.

Spooky Man is having his deviated septum fixed in a few weeks, and we’ve been sitting on an Early-Marriage Parental Hand-Me-Down sectional for 20 years. He needs something comfortable he can sleep on in a semi-sitting position while he heals.

So…new living room furniture, including a leather recliner, AKA “Papa’s Chair” (his term, my eye roll; I love him, but still….). I have two more pieces of Early Marriage furniture to replace (1970s “Spanish” style dresser and rickety dining room table/chairs), and then we’ll officially be grown-ups.

See, you know you’re a grown up when you own real estate, you have legal papers filed in a real filing cabinet, and you chose all your furniture because you liked it, not because it was free. Having your car paid off and money in the bank is bonus points. I’m (we’re) almost there.

Now, back to the redemption of the evil twin from Blade’s Edge.

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