September 22…

The first day of fall, the Autumn equinox, and my parents’ wedding anniversary. My parents died of natural causes in 2005 (mom in February, Dad a week after their anniversary), but today would have been their 55th. Happy Anniversary, you old coots. 🙂

Ten days ago, Spooky Man and I celebrated 19 years of wedded bliss with seafood and key lime pie (crustless for me, sigh). I’m hoping we both last long enough to get to 55 years, but how did we get to 19 so danged fast?

I could swear it’s only been six or seven years since we were rained out of the Boise Train Depot garden and I ended up promising to love, honor, cherish and occasionally obey Spooky Man. It works; I get to choose the occasions.

Happy Autumn!

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  1. Amberly on

    Happy Autumn to you too

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