Open Mike at Club Bebop, distillation phase

I have finished the edit-and-polish on Bebop (insert wild cheering here). The final word count came to 31, 600, which puts it at the longer end of the novella range.

Now I’m working on the synopsis, which shouldn’t be more than two pages long (the entire manuscript is only 103 pages in 12-pt Times New Roman). I have a feeling it’s going to start at four pages and get edited back, based on what I’ve written so far. Sometimes that’s how it works.

The next piece is to distill the two-page synopsis into two paragraphs, for the query letter blurb. Whole lotta distilling goin’ on, almost enough for moonshine.

On an almost completely unrelated note, one of my most popular posts is about the Heineken commercial; it’s still getting more hits than just about any other post. I shall have to story-analyze another commercial soon.

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