Please Stand By…

Working on a real post that should be ready by the weekend…

In the meantime, the new vacuum cleaner has arrived and OMG, the house was filthy. I found fur in places I never would have thought to look (the ceiling? really? how does that work?).

Plus, I finally finished putting together the second of the three bookshelves (it only took what, a month?), and the goal is to have the third in place and all filled by this weekend.

Plus, I think today on Twitter I promised a manuscript submission to Angela James (Carina Press Exec. Editor) by next month.

So after this weekend, I might not have quite as much to say on the blog for a while. Insert queasy smile here.

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  1. Amberly on

    Or you’ll have happy new about selling to Carina. Think positive. You can make the deadline.

  2. ValRoberts on

    Luckily, I have the first installment of a novella trilogy almost ready to go, so I’m only mildly panicked.

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