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I’m coming up with some very interesting titles for individual lessons.

For example, “The Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything is 496, Not 42” is about the five different and competing versions of string theory that had developed by the 1980s. A group of physicists got together and solved for the gauge group size, coming up with 496 in more than one of the different theories and laying the groundwork for the idea that they’re all different views of the same thing.

“Turn that Dimension Dial Up to 11” is about how including an 11th dimension in the equations brought together all the flavors of string theory, as well as supergravity, general relativity and quantum mechanics.

I’m not sure what to call the overall course, however. “The Dream that Stuff is Made Of” was my favorite for quite a while.

But now I’m thinking about “The Science of Magic” because there are a lot of things that actually make sense at the scale of theoretical physics (where atoms are huge and galaxies are fairly small) when they just don’t make sense at a human scale.

Which of the titles do you like the best? Or do you have any other suggestions?

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