I’m just not a Luddite, I guess

Five years ago, I didn’t have a cell phone. Then Spooky Man and I went on a cruise to Alaska, which meant the dog had to have a babysitter. Said babysitter required the ability to get ahold of us at any time. So I grimaced and bought a Tracfone.

Then the economy went off a cliff in 2008 and the phone billl crossed the $75-a-month mark for basic service plus voicemail. Yup, it was cheaper to get cell phones and get rid of the regular phone.

I hedged, though. I bought a MagicJack, just in case. We’re not using it right now, because the computer it plugs into needs a new fan, but that’s on my to-do list.

Then there was the DVD crisis. I bought a copy of Red (Retired, Extremely Dangerous) for Spooky Man’s birthday, and the DVD player locked up during the shipping-container firefight. I had to do, well, something. It was his birthday present.

I bought a blu-ray player with wireless Netflix streaming. It was cheaper than a Wii and will allow us to cut back our cable bill. I know, I know, but the DVD player *died.* And it will be less expensive to get movies from Netflix.

Now, the battery in my LG phone won’t hold a charge and we’re eligible for an upgrade. Yes, I went there. I bought Droid Xs. They should be delivered tomorrow.

I would hang my head in shame, except they’re so dratted useful; MP3 player, GPS receiver, internet access, camera/vidcam, Angry Birds and you can make phonecalls.

Spooky Man approved the purchase because, he said, there’s an app to make the camera work with night vision (see why I call him Spooky Man?).

Now that I have a VOIP home phone, a Droid smartphone and a wireless blu-ray player, I think I have to get a geek card.

Just don’t ask me to program C#. Please.

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