Nano, Nano, Nano

In a fit of optimism, I signed up for National Novel Writing Month this year. I’m not normally much of a joiner, but the organizers in my area, Megan and Sam, are such nice people and so enthusiastic…they swayed me.

And I was going to start small. Normally, the goal of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for insiders) is to complete a 50,000-word first draft in 30 days. The key words are “first draft” which gives the writer permission to have a lot of crappy writing in it. Crap can be fixed. Blank pages, well, not so much.

My goal is to complete a 30,000-word novella.

Today I crossed the 15,000-word mark, which I should have done on Monday if I were on track. Now, if I was trying to do the full 50K, I should have hit 25K on Monday. Oy! That’s a lot of words.

Anyway, that’s where almost all of my writing has been going for the last couple of weeks. I need to catch up to my goal word count, so I might not have another post ready until after Thanksgiving.

Just in case, I wish anyone reading this a happy holiday with many things to be thankful for.

Only 14,952 words to go!

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