How many dead computers make a geek?

I live in a seven-computer household. Four of them are dead, one has a consumption-type cough, one is my husband’s main computer, and I’m typing this on the last one. Why so many dead computers?

Basically, sloth. A computer dies, Spooky Man shoves it in a corner and I try to ignore it because that’s his room, his toys. Ahhh, make that tools. Same thing, really.

But please, when I can’t print pages for my critique group because the PC that was the file server for our venerable LJ4000 choked a hard drive (possibly on fur; I had no idea how much discarded fur was hiding in that dark corner next to the fan intakes, euw)…that’s enough dead computers, thank you very much.

I foresee a trip to the hazardous waste recycling drop off in my not-too-distant future, after the hard drives are removed and beaten to death. Binary code never really dies, but it can be dismembered.

Then I’m buying a fastish bare-bones system for print serving and VOIP only, right after I shave the cats.

Okay, I’m not serious about shaving my fur babies, but any recommendations for a really, really good vacuum that gets into tight places would be appreciated.

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