This has been a good day

Got things accomplished at work. If you ever need to know anything about LED light fixtures, ask me. No, really.

Told an oncologist, “No, thank you, I will not go on Tamoxifen for five years,” due to possible side effects of endometrial/uterine cancer and cataracts. Mom had both uterine cancer and cataracts, but never took Tamoxifen because she never had breast cancer. Yeah, that would be a contraindication in my book.

Spent some quality time with Spooky Man driving across town to get his blood pressure checked. Car objected, but not strenuously.

Finished up read number two of my On the Far Side contest entries (they’re all pretty good this year, kudos to the writers). I normally read them three times before the final scoring. It’s just how I roll, I guess.

Figured out how my heroine (a musician) saves the hero and gets the bad guys–there’s a very, very low frequency of sound that can cause intense abdominal distress in humans. Spooky Man calls it, “The Brown Note.” Yes, it’s an urban myth, but I like it. Never piss off a musician.

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