Rejection for Finding the Briar Rose

Samhain finally rejected my futuristic take on Sleeping Beauty. I say finally, because I submitted it for the Hot Fairy Tales anthology at the end of January–and all of the stories for that were chosen by February 15th. Anthology editor Laurie Rausch forwarded the manuscript to my editor, Lindsey Faber (who has been super busy this spring and summer). And Lindsey e-mailed this weekend that she’s going to pass.

Well, good. That means I have time to work up the other two fairy-tale-in-space novellas for my own anthology. Why yes, I do have an evil plan; I thought you knew.

In the meantime, I need to get cracking on the redemption of Talyn Penthes, who finds herself outcast, a Unique in a world of clones. Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to try to kill your identical twin.

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