About the Novella (in case anyone was wondering)

Finding the Briar Rose wasn’t chosen for the anthology; it was, however, forwarded to the lovely and talented Lindsey Faber (my regular editor at Samhain) for consideration as part of the regular list.

Only I could screw up a rejection, LOL.

So here’s my dilemma…should I tell the lovely and talented Lindsey that I have ideas for two more futuristic fairy tales so that the three could be packaged as a novel-length work? After all, the second and third are not written; they’re still…percolating, so to speak. Decisions, decisions. Perhaps I will e-mail her and ask if she wants to know.

Back to the work in progress…I cross the halfway mark of The Valois Contingency’s first draft tonight (that’s getting through the first 45,000 words). And, oddly enough, I cross the halfway mark of my radiation treatment tomorrow. Boo-Yah on both counts.

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