Squee! for Kathy

Kathy is my critique partner. Actually, she’s a member of the Moxie Quartet, four women born in the mid-1960s who all decided to write fiction seriously about the same time and to get together once a month or so to read and critique each others’ stuff.

That was in 2001, but Kathy had been writing seriously for years before that. And going to conferences. And taking workshops. And submitting. And getting rejections. In the meantime, she’s acquired an agent, she’s gotten noticed and recommended by a NYT bestselling author, she’s given a few workshops locally and she’s completed four more books.

She had not, however, received an offer of publication (because the market is very tight, because the editors are lovely people making poor decisions, because the moon hasn’t been in the correct phase of a Tuesday afternoon, but most definitely NOT because she doesn’t write well enough or tell stories well enough).

Until today.

Kathy’s short story about the secrets of a Tarot reader in the far future will be published in the Warrior Wise Woman III anthology from Norilana Books, in June 2010. If the rest of the anthology is as good as Kathy’s story, it will rock most seriously.

This is her blog: http://www.khurley.blogspot.com/
This her miniature books website (they are amazing hand crafted Medieval-style bound books only an inch tall): http://www.pookatales.com/

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