Man, What a Ride…

Blade’s Edge went on sale Tuesday. It hit the top-10 bestseller list at Samhain on Wednesday. And a book pirate was requesting the file on Astatalk on Wednesday. It hit #8 on Samhain’s list on Thursday, it hit #7 today. And it peaked (yesterday) at Amazon Kindle rank 6,842 yesterday, which ain’t bad for a first book from an unknown writer.

And today is my 17th wedding anniversary. Someday I’ll post the story of My Big Fat Redneck Wedding, but for today suffice it to say that it’s a miracle we found someone to perform the ceremony at all, let alone making it through without nervous breakdowns. And I mean redneck in the best possible sense — one of my grandfathers was a homesteader in Kuna, Idaho, and the other one was a sharecropper from southwestern Missouri who lost everything in the Dust Bowl & had to move in with his wife’s sister in Weiser, Idaho. Yeah, I come from tough, rural people.

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  1. Karen on

    I just finished Blade’s Edge (Kindle version) and wanted to say that I quite enjoyed it. Thought I’d check to see if you have a backlist of other books available. Also was curious if there is a sequel to come or if you have something else pending? I’d like to watch for your books in the future.

  2. ladybriony on

    Hi, Karen!

    Sorry, no backlist — Blade’s Edge is my debut novel. I’m currently working on the story that gave rise to the legend of the Bastard King that’s referred to in Blade’s Edge.

    Of course, there’s also the story of what happens to Talyn Penthes (the evil twin) after Sharif Tanaka steals her away.

    And then there’s the question of what happened to cut off the dozen worlds region of space from Earth in the first place, and what’s been happening there–nasty, evil aliens winning a war that’s been going on so long even the ancient historians think of the time before the Squids as mythic.

    They’re all works in progress at the moment, though. I’d best get off the blog and keep writing, so that you have something to look forward to!

    Thanks so much for stopping by,

  3. Karen on

    Val, thanks for the information. I’ve added your blog to my RSS feed so I don’t miss any updates on coming books. I’m looking forward to more on the Bastard King, Talyn, and the dozen worlds.

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